Eric Welch is by far the most competent and personable attorney I've worked with. My innocence was defended and justice served in three separate cases. Best in Cobb County.

Ali Parman

Eric Welch Helped me and my husband through a very tough situation and really got results, and kept our budget in mind! Thanks for being fast and knowledgeable.

Amalia Poole

Eric Welch has helped me through a very tough situation and really kept my budget in mind! Thanks for being fast and knowledgeable.

Jonathan Okomo

I first became acquainted with Mr. Welch when he represented my husband many years ago. My husband was so satisfied with results that he continued to enlist Mr. Welch's service for all business and personal needs from that day forward. Since then, Mr. Welch has represented me with excellent results. Highly recommend Mr. Welch.

ce noble

Eric is an outstanding lawyer with a deep well of experience and knowledge to draw from. This experience and knowledge helps immensely in giving peace of mind during tough legal times.

Jesse Karr

Mr. Welch represented a close friend in a legal case as his criminal defense lawyer. My friend was charged with felony aggravated battery. This is a very serious charge. If convicted, you have a mandatory minimum sentence of 1 year, and a maximum sentence of 20 years!! Besides the fact that he could possibly spend a year in prison, we became more worried about, what happens after that? I know all clients say they didn't do it, but my friend really didn't do it, and now he would have the stigma of a violent felony on his record. When people say "a felony will follow you for the rest of your life", they are not exaggerating. There are the well-known hindrances such as never being able to vote in an election, and never being able to own a gun, but what about if you want to rent an apartment, or find a job doing something other than flipping burgers? Every application you put your name on, you have to also put that you were convicted of a felony.. a violent felony. They do not let felons rent apartments, or have professional jobs. My friend lost his well-paying job when the incident occurred, and then 4 months later, was fired from his new and even better paying job when the charges finally showed up on his record during a routine background check... You get the point.
Mr. Welch was SO helpful. He took care of everything. He said, "Megan, don't worry about it, I'm not going to let anything happen to him", and he meant it! I don't know what all went on behind the magic curtain, but Mr. Welch turned the FELONY AGGRAVATED BATTERY charge into a MISDEMEANOR DISORDERLY CONDUCT, and had the Judge expunge the arrest all together. Expunging the arrest is also important, and something we never thought about before, but now we are very happy Mr. Welch did, because a lot of times, even if you are not convicted of a crime, just having the arresting charge on your record can be damaging. You don't always get the chance to explain to someone that you weren't convicted, or the charges were dropped, etc. They see "arrested for ... (insert crime)" and that's it, you are denied, or fired, or maybe just looked at funny, but whatever it is, you get judged by the arrest. I honestly cannot find enough positive words to say about Mr. Welch and the experience we had with his legal representation. He turned a terrible, life altering, situation into a manageable bump in the road. You cannot put a price tag on that. I highly recommend Mr. Welch. He is a miracle worker!

Megan Sapp