Injured in an Accident? Can't Afford Your Medical Care or Car Repairs?

Injured in an Accident? Can't Afford Your Medical Care or Car Repairs?

Search for affordable personal injury services in the Marietta, GA area

Eric Welch and Associates is an aggressive advocate for accident victims in the Marietta, GA area. While we can handle all kinds of personal injury cases, we primarily focus on auto accident claims involving corporate entities. Our auto accident attorney will fight for your right to seek compensation.

As part of our personal injury services, we offer free phone consultations. During your consultation, attorney Welch might ask you to...

  • Describe your accident in detail
  • Discuss how your injuries have affected your quality of life
  • Tell us about your out-of-pocket expenses and insurer's settlement offer

From there, we can develop a customized strategy to help achieve your goals. Know that we've got your best interests in mind.

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Don't settle for an average attorney

Hiring a seasoned auto accident attorney is one of the best decisions you could make. Here's what sets Eric Welch and Associates apart from the competition:

  • Attorney Welch has 40+ years of legal experience.
  • Attorney Welch has handled hundreds of auto accident cases just like yours.
  • Attorney Welch can represent you anywhere in the Marietta, GA area, including all of Cobb County.

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