3 Legal Matters to Consider When Divorcing Your Spouse

3 Legal Matters to Consider When Divorcing Your Spouse

Ask a divorce attorney in Marietta, Georgia for details

Most divorcing couples in the Marietta, GA area only focus on who will keep the house or get custody of their children. There are so many other legal matters to consider when divorcing your spouse. The divorce attorney at Eric Welch and Associates will make sure you understand your options.

Attorney Welch has over 40 years of legal experience. He can help you make informed decisions about:

1. Negotiating property division: All of your marriage assets, not just real estate, can be split between you and your former spouse.
2. Filing a restraining order: If you're concerned about your welfare or the welfare of your children, talk to our divorce attorney about getting a temporary restraining order against your estranged spouse.
3. Requesting alimony: In Georgia, judges can award alimony to spouses who earn less than their former partners.

Have questions about any of these matters? Contact the divorce attorney at Eric Welch and Associates today.

We'll protect your child's best interests

If you and your estranged spouse can't agree on who should get custody of your child, turn to Eric Welch and Associates for representation. Our child custody attorney will communicate with your child's appointed guardian ad litem to ensure that we're all on the same page.

We can also assist you with preparing, submitting or modifying a parenting plan. Contact our child custody attorney in Marietta, GA today to learn more.