We've Handled Hundreds of Criminal Cases in the Marietta, GA Area

We've Handled Hundreds of Criminal Cases in the Marietta, GA Area

Charged with murder or a DUI? Attorney Welch will defend you.

For decades, Eric Welch and Associates has been representing clients facing all kinds of misdemeanor or felony charges, including murder and assault. Many area residents also come to us when they've been charged with driving under the influence. If you've been accused of drunk driving in the Marietta, GA area, turn to our DUI attorney for advice.

Our firm provides...

  • Personalized guidance: Attorney Welch will give your case his undivided attention. He'll tell you what to expect during your probable cause hearing (if applicable), arraignment and motions court appearance.
  • Affordable legal services: We can discuss your payment options in detail during your consultation.
  • Free phone consultations: We understand it might not be convenient to visit our law office in Marietta, Georgia. That's why you can speak with our DUI attorney over the phone.

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Don't let anyone violate your rights

Even those who've been accused of serious crimes are entitled to certain inalienable rights. At Eric Welch and Associates, you can count on an experienced assault defense attorney to protect your rights and best interests.

Attorney Welch will do this by...

  • Reviewing the evidence against you
  • Listening to your side of the story
  • Developing a strong defense

Contact Eric Welch and Associates today to speak with our assault defense attorney.